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5 ways to make money at home as a freelancer.


5 ways to make money at home as a freelancer.

List of popular freelancing jobs that I can do to supplement my income.

What is freelance? You may have heard this word somewhere and wondered what it meant. It simply means where one opts to work for themselves rather than work for a company. Seems interesting, right? You don’t have the pressure of working for somebody else, no waking up early to meet the 8am-5pm rule. It may seem all roses but freelancing also has its challenges. However, lets first look at a list of freelancing potential jobs for you. You may be the next freelancer in town.

Answering paid surveys

Some survey sites available in Kenya include:

1.One pulse. The amount of money you can earn from one pulse depends on the number of unpaid pulses you have answered. This survey site is very legit and the minimum amount of withdrawal is 5 dollars. It uses paypal as a method of payment easily available to many people. 2. Triaba. In this site, one is able to earn a minimum of 0.13 dollars per survey. The minimum amount one can withdraw is 10 dollars.

Academic writing

You may have come across this word. With the current level of unemployment in the country, a lot of graduates have turned to academic writing. It involves you helping other students write their papers. One only requires a laptop to do this job.


Transcription involves written representation of either a video or an audio. One requires a laptop to do such jobs. While this may seem very easy, the pay can also be very good. It all depends on the audio length.

Writing blogs

If you are a good writer, then this will suit you perfectly. You can blog about various things including food, sports, music. In short anything you can think of.


Online data collectors

You can also choose to collect data and be paid for it. The data can be collected by sending emails or text.

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