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Destiny Connectors: Story of Heshibii Fejo and Rafa Babies


Destiny Connectors: Story of Heshibii Fejo and Rafa Babies

We All Have Destiny Connectors

I am here looking at these two angels who I feel are so clueless about what’s happening. They probably can’t even recall that morning or arguing about the heshibii fejoo.
They probably can’t Gerrit when they are told that the video went viral and now they are famous and big big people are coming to help them.
To them, it’s just mysterious life events happening. Their parents can Gerrit of course and I can’t imagine the feeling they have right now.
I am from listening to the video of that shopkeeper, looking at him and his age you are left wondering….how did he even think of recording the two?? I mean….

The two children with one of their sponsors

Alafu, schools were closed months ago but the video was released NOW. What is that? GOD’S TIME MY PEOPLE!
And that shopkeeper must be a destiny connector. Recording that video must have been a move backed by God in him. It’s not always about coincidence. It’s not.
Today, the family of the two children will be sleeping in a well-built house, their education has been sponsored, their big sister’s condition well taken care of and their parents are proud dairy farmers.
Someday the kids will look back, smile and help other innocent souls bikos bikos….it might never be the same again for them
But who is God?? Better days are ahead my fejo and heshibii people.
May your destiny connector never rest until he locates you!
Happy for them.


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