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How to Identify a Paedophile


How to Identify a Paedophile

Who is a paedophile?

The other day, i made a post about this young girl from Baringo who was trending after she was captured in traditional Kalenjin attire enjoying a bottle of Coca-Cola. The pictures were beautiful, her smile was everything and she seemed to be enjoying every minute of the shoot.

The comments were positive, people were so excited and some even begged Coca-Cola to endorse the young African beauty as their brand ambassador.

What caught me was one comment by a gentleman, whom after engaging him, he seemed very okay with his statement. Of course, it did not go so well with him as a few others were on his neck for making such a nasty comment.

A day later after i was scrolling down my Facebook, I came across a group where a young beautiful girl had been posted. Similar to my post, a gentleman had made a nasty comment and was there justifying himself after people demanded to know why he would make such a statement.

So, Who is a Paedophile?

This is somebody who is sexually attracted to children. The individual suffers from a psychiatric disorder where they experience primary or excessive attraction to children.

The cause of this condition is still not clear but some researchers have claimed that it could be a form of sexual orientation(Born that way ) or a mental disorder.

Paedophillic humans mostly relate better with children than adults, are addicts of child pornography, talk about children the same way they would talk about an adult lover or spouse, like volunteering in programmes involving children.

Having these characteristics, however, doesn’t exactly mean that you are paedophilic.

Have you ever encountered a paedophile? Share your experience


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