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Is age a factor to consider when dating?



Is age a factor to consider when dating?

Does Age Affect a Relationship??

It’s a chilly cold afternoon, I am sitting watching my favourite animation when I receive a call from my friend, (girlfriend-Suzzy)

“Hello woman, hows your afternoon?

“Mind helping? Here is the thing, there is this guy called Johnie that we’ve been going out for some time”

“Well, He is a good one. We have the right connection but the problem is, I just realized that he is a year younger”

“I have always considered dating older men and I am not sure what I should do next”

“I feel like calling it quits, what’s your opinion?”

This got me thinking. Its not the first time i have heard someone comment about a similar situation. Relationships have collapsed due to similar reasons.


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Well, according to research, there is no problem in dating a younger man or woman.

Actually, Dating your agemate or someone closer to your age is considered very normal.

However, dating someone who is a decade older is seen as ‘robing the cradle’

There are definately advantages to dating and marrying someone older than you.

Mostly, older people have already hustled and are financially stable. Dating them could be the journey to yout financial freedom. Financial stability is however taken advantage by many. If you consider this alone, then your relationship may not go the long-term way.

Older people are also mature which makes it easy to reason with them. These however works for the serious humans only. If you want your relationship to be fun, avoid dating a super mature human.

It is also important to note that Women tend to naturally mature faster. Therefore, dating a younger mature woman would do.

What Suzzy and others should remember is that Love has no age limits. Happiness is all that matters.

Again, age is just but a number.


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  1. Agnes Mwangi

    April 23, 2020 at 7:56 pm

    I agree women mature faster.
    And still, go where your heart is at peace

  2. Millie

    April 23, 2020 at 8:06 pm


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