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Is your Life changing for the better?



Is your Life changing for the better?

What signs show that your life is changing for the better?

Life does not always take us to the direction we expect it to. Sometimes we take roads that lead us to frustration, depression, and feelings of being failures.

You have change how you fundamentally show up for your life if you really want change.

Well, its not always easy identifying what direction we are headed until we get tangible effects. Mostly, getting closer to your goals and dreams is usually an indicator that you are headed the right way.

Here are some of the signs that show that you are changing for the better:

  • Laughing at your negative thoughts instead of trying to fix them

If you have found yourself laughing loudly at your thoughts, that’s a good fix. You are doing it already. It is important to understand that your thoughts don’t control you, They are way separate from you, and laughing at them is healthy.

  • You easily notice your senses

Sometimes its  simple things such as noticing the taste of something like “Daamn when did they start tasting so good?”

Many people are so unconscious and its rare for them to notice such. If you start noticing the small things in life then you are done sleepwalking in life.

  • Your community is changing

This might be confusing because you are probably feeling disconnected from the people you have had all your life. This probably means that you are moving from people that do not feel right in your life and headed to those that do.

Having people that you consciously chose to be in your life is one of the best decisions that you can ever make for yourself.

Also, if you find yourself doing crazy stuff that you can’t quite explain, know that you are waking up and, you are getting tapped into something new and special.

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