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Struggles of Dating as a Millennial


Struggles of Dating as a Millennial

Why is dating a Millennial Tough??

This is the fifth relationship Suzzy is in since January this year. Apparently, she has been having a new boyfriend every one or two months.

She clearly can’t figure out what the problem is. ” Why do my relationships not work??”

Suzzy is considering breaking up with her current boyfriend and remaining single. “I just can’t do this!” She told me recently.

Well, we all must agree that dating has become one of the hardest things for a millennial.

It’s funny how growing up, we always admired people in relationships. It seemed easy and they all looked happy.

Look at us now? Our relationships have become a great source of confusion, sadness, and frustrations.

There are several reasons and factors that are contributing to many failed relationships.

Truth is, lots of young people are only interested in sex alone. Love is no ingredient in the relationship which definitely results in a series of heartbreaks and one night stands as one is trying to move on to the next.

There is always a competition of who cares less in a relationship. Why?? Caring and showing too much concern is interpreted as desperation. When one cares too much, the other one is trying to push them away. Millennials suffer from little or no gratitude.

The majority are overloaded with options. They tend to care less if the relationship works out or not because they have a potential waiting. Just a snap and one is in a new relationship already.

Millennial relationships lack trust. Long-distance relationships are a thing of the past. First step to relationship failure is a lack of trust.

People have normalized ghosting. Communication no longer is key. They will just go silent on each other until the relationship is no more. This has also been contributed by pride where no one wants to be the first to initiate a conversation.

A large number of them have also become content with being single. To them, dating is stressfull and they would rather remain single.





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