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The 5 Love Languages. What’s Your Love Language?


The 5 Love Languages. What’s Your Love Language?

Why is it Important to Understand Your Love Language?

Love language is basically a way in which people are able to share or experience love. The 5 most common love languages are Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving gifts, physical touch, and Quality time.

In any relationship, it is important to understand your partners love language since it helps create a stronger bond between the two of you and people experience love in different ways.

So, How do you identify your love language?

-Shift you focus a little bit on the history of your relationship. Did you feel neglected that he wasn’t touching you enough? What is that thing that your partner did and you felt so good and loved?

-You can also have a conversation with your partner. Discuss the things that make you feel loved and how you have experienced love from him/her so far. Maybe you feel neglected when you don’t receive gifts. This could help you identify what your love language is.

-You can also go with the option of taking an online test that will help you identify what your love language is.

What exactly are these love languages?

Words of Affirmation:

This is when you experience love through language and affirmation. It stretches from the I love you, I am thinking about you messages to sending random phone videos of yourself and texts.

Quality time:

This is showing love by giving/receiving full attention from your partner.

Receiving Gifts:

This is showing love by giving gifts regardless of how small they are.

Physical Touch:

This involves showing you love someone by physically touching them. Are you tactile or not? Is your partner tactile or not? How important is that to you?

Acts of Service:

This is expressing love by doing something for someone. It could include cleaning the house or dishes for her.


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