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Women Rising: Time is ripe


Women Rising: Time is ripe

Women on the rise!

Just the other day, Kamala Harris took oath as the first-ever female vice president of the United States of America. A confirmation that time is ripe and women are ready. Kamala’s election as the US 49th Vice president meant a lot to not only the women in America but the whole world.

In the recent past, women have really tried to fight for their space when it comes to leadership and governance and their efforts have already started bearing fruits, Yes! We can see them clearly. The majority have had enough being viewed as the weaker sexes or being judged based on gender and have shouted, enough is enough.

Every day we continue listening and seeing women rise to power, we continue seeing women take up offices and being in control for both the public and private sectors. It is not easy but they are willing to crack the concrete ceiling, not only for them but for the future young women leaders. Kamala confirmed this during her speech when she said

”I may be the first woman in this office but will not be the last. Because every little girl watching today knows that this is a country of possibilities”

There are several reasons why women are winning, allow me to highlight a few.

  1. Women have realized that it takes a village. They have then come together and formed networks to support and help each other rise. To get to the top, they have to hold each other’s hand, an art they have perfected.
  2. Women have realized that they have to be the change they have been wanting. We all can’t do everything but we sure can do something from whatever position or place we are at.

As the year’s pass, we will continue seeing more and more women taking powerful positions and being in control. Kamala Harris was just the beginning. Wait and see!


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Wamaitha is an economist, writer, and content creator based in Nairobi, Kenya

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